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Hi, I’m Matt Winters.
I help executives and other professionals transform stress and overwhelm into clarity, confidence, and action—in a way that’s authentic to who they are.

Who I am and what I do

I’m an empathic, human-centered leader who creates spaces for growth and transformation. I coach, facilitate, and lead from the heart. In a style that's warm, non-judgmental, and growth-driven, I guide clients to find their own authentic, sustainable paths to action. I balance compassionate wisdom with sharp clarity, helping clients see their positive qualities as well as the behavior patterns and beliefs that impede their progress.


I have led a wide variety of powerful experiences in person and virtually, facilitating change for individuals and groups. In particular, I have supported men in developing emotional intelligence through my 18 years of work with The ManKind Project, as well as with the Gay Coaches Alliance and in my private coaching practice.


What motivates me


The drive to understand and respectfully connect with others has been a central theme in my scholastic, professional, and recreational endeavors. At Brown University I studied cultural anthropology and linguistics; in software UX and product management I excelled at eliciting stakeholders’ needs; and in my free time I have studied more than ten languages.


I seek out adventure, especially in the kitchen and through travel. In one year, I visited 21 countries and rode 2,500 miles (4,000 km) on bicycle. I enjoy volunteering with local LGBTQ+ and food justice organizations and you can find me at farmers’ markets, cultural festivals, and anywhere with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

complimentary session

I'm offering you a complimentary 75-minute coaching session. I’ll use my training and experience to help you clarify the outcome(s) you want, understand where you are now, and then identify a specific area where a little growth will make a big impact. You’ll leave the session with a roadmap and actionable items. If both of us feel like there’s potential at the end of the session then I’ll talk about options for how we could work together and take your momentum forward.

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